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Industrial Cleaning

Waste Transportation
and Disposal

The proper handling and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste is of vital concern to West Coast Marine Cleaning, Inc. Our staff and technicians consistently provide our customers with current information for safe, reliable waste disposal options.



• High Pressure Water Blasting
• Paint Preparation
• Hull Blasting
• Ship Hold Cleaning
• Chemical Cleaning
• Vacuum Truck Services
• Butterworthing
• Cleaning for Hot Work


• Bulk Waste Transportation
• Roll Off Truck Service
• Foreign Garbage Disposal
• Special Waste Disposal
• Waste Stabilization
• Dry Vacuum Service

• Confined Space Entry
• Drop Box Rental
• Vacuum Box Rental
• Emergency Response Service
• Ship Riding Crews
• High Lift Hold Inspections

• Engine Room | Deck Preservation
• Precautionary Booming
• Rose Box Construction
• De-Watering Box Rental


High Pressure Water Blasting

Paint preparation, rust or scale removal and internal line cleaning can be accomplished with our modern high pressure water blasting equipment. This specialized equipment is rigorously inspected for safety and is capable of maintaining pressures to 36,000 psi.






Wet Vacuum Services

Our expansive fleet of vacuum trucks is at your disposal. Each unit is annually inspected and meets all Federal, State, and DOT requirements. They range in sized between 70 and 130 barrels and equally important our operators are fully trained to insure your waste is loaded, transported and disposed of in a safe and professional manner.





Dry Vacuum Services

West Coast Marine Cleaning has an expansive fleet of Dry Vacuum Service Trucks. Each unit is a self-contained, rugged and dependable mobile industrial vacuum loader designed to fit the varied needs of today's industrial demands.





Each unit is capable of vacuuming all types of material from light ashes to heavy sands and gravel.


The material is stored in our truck or vacuumed into a storage tank for proper disposal.


Each unit has a lifting/tilt bed, and fully rear-opening dump gates with augers to facilitate off-loading of material. Our trucks are annually certified and meet all Federal, State, and DOT requirements.





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